Obesity may be the defining issue of our era. How sad. This film is an epic journey for real people facing serious danger - if they don't lose weight they may die prematurely. We have to help them and millions like them struggling and suffering. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows - it's not fun. For people who are over 100 lbs overweight the issue is more than unpleasant, it's dangerous. It's more than an epidemic - it's becoming pandemic. Diets seem to fail and even surgery isn't the answer for many people - so what's possible? This documentary seeks to follow five men on their journey to lose at least one hundred lbs in one year by getting back to basics - food in it's most natural form, mindful living and movement. But this is more than a film - we hope it's the start of a global movement towards health, freedom and happiness. Let's go!

Obesity kills and we need to find new, simple and affordable ways to make permanent weight loss and natural health accessible to all people. We all deserve a chance to change and fit back. 

This documentary is much more than a film, it's an entire movement to help the millions of people who are struggling daily with issues of being overweight or obese. It takes five men on a personal journey to overcome years of failure in dieting and weight lost endeavors. Pairing the men up with coaches in the areas of medicine, mental health, meditation, nutrition, fitness and life coaching we hope to cover whatever needs they have and help them get unstuck. 

This is true documentary. Nothing is contrived or fixed. There's no script. We are really following these men and seeing what happens while the coaches are adjusting their efforts to help them adjust as they need it. 

In overcoming decades of pain and suffering from the emotional and physical burden of obesity, these men are being asked to come out of hiding and isolation about this issue and open up to the world. They are being brave and facing some seriously hard physical and mental tasks. They really want this to work and they are struggling to figure out how to make it happen and how to make it last.

They need our support. They could change the way we see weight forever.

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